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Taking it All In: Effectiveness of CBD Via Different Routes

September 12, 2019

Looking to join the CBD craze?

You’re late to the party. But at least you showed up!

Now that you’re here, you may feel overwhelmed with all of the CBD product options. At Regenefi, we want you to make an informed decision to make the most out of your CBD experience.

Let’s take a look at how different products enter your system and how this may change the effectiveness of the cannabinoid.

Effectiveness of CBD

The route of CBD administration does change the bioavailability of it. This means that you will process and store it differently depending on your product choice and it will provide you with a unique experience.

CBD Edibles

CBD can be delicious! CBD edibles offer an enjoyable way to take your CBD.

Eating the cannabinoids means that it gets digested and absorbed by many different receptors throughout the digestive tract. This means that you will receive a whole-body effect.

Any edible will make its way into the bloodstream via digestion. However, it may surprise you that choosing between different edibles can change the way this cannabinoid affects your body.

Ingestion Vs. Sublingual Absorption

Different edibles do not simply taste unique from one another. They actually get absorbed differently by the body and therefore create different effects. 

CBD Gummies

For instance, you chew and swallow sweet CBD gummies. This means that it goes through the entire process of digestion. 

Your digestive tract actually contains a high number of cannabinoid receptors, as the body produces natural endocannabinoids that help with everyday functions. It also produces a number of enzymes that break down the compounds to be used.

The liver leads endocannabinoid digestion, breaking down much of the compound. For this reason, you may need a little more CBD to get an equal effect to that of other methods. 

However, digestion also stores the excess CBD that does not get eliminated or used immediately. This means that ingested CBD edibles, like gummies, offer a long-term effect, as it gets stored in fat cells and slowly released over time.

As you might have guessed, ingestion also may create a more profound digestive effect. Studies suggest that when receptors within the intestines absorb the cannabinoid, it potentially relaxes sphincters in the esophagus and along the GI tract. This potentially encourages normal digestion. Other research offers evidence that CBDs activation of vanilloid receptors increases the motility of the colon. This means that the edibles could possibly relieve constipation by moving the waste along.

Anybody may benefit from CBD gummies. But, people who suffer from gastrointestinal conditions like chronic nausea, IBS and Crohn’s Disease, should consider trying CBD edibles to see if they help. These people may find the storage and slow release of CBD overtime more desirable.

CBD Hard Candies

Mouth-watering CBD hard candies tend to sit in your mouth much longer than other types of edibles. This promotes sublingual absorption and more access to other cannabinoid receptors within the soft tissues of the mouth.

This provides much easier access to the bloodstream. Meaning, your body can react to the CBD much faster than it does during digestion. Your body will also absorb more this way.

Why would you want a quick, potent release of CBD in the bloodstream as opposed to a slow, steady stream? Some people suffer from ailments that beg for immediate attention and hope that CBD will help.

Research on CBD and Inflammation suggests that the cannabinoid may significantly reduce inflammation. This brings hope to people who suffer from conditions like arthritis and neuropathy. Inflammation leads to pain, which means that if you can get more instant relief, you want it.

CBD Topicals

When applying CBD topically, you tend to hit receptors in different areas of the body. This may create a more potent localized effect and less dramatic systemic reaction.

The topical application of CBD does not flood it into your bloodstream. Instead, it directs it to the spot of absorption.

CBD topicals absorb through the pores. Note that our skin serves a protective barrier, which means that it absorbs less readily than other methods of administration. So, you want to apply your CBD topicals liberally.

Once it soaks through the pores, the cannabinoid will attach to nearby cannabinoid receptors. CBD topicals also come in different forms and your choice of administration may affect you accordingly.

You may find CBD Healing Balm useful when trying to reduce the pain or inflammation from injury or chronic arthritis, as research suggests that it could potentially reduce inflammation. For all-over aches or back pain, you might try a hot bath containing CBD Bath Bombs to see if it helps!

If you’re simply curious about CBD topicals, try a CBD tincture. You can turn it into massage oil and simply have fun with it!

CBD Vapes

Some people choose to enjoy CBD through inhalation. This method of administration offers the quickest absorption and the most bioavailability of the compound, as lung tissue offers quick exchange to the bloodstream. 

People who already vape may want to try CBD vape products. However, inhaling anything into the lungs always comes with potential risks that should be considered.

Enjoy Your CBD

Regardless of your administration method, enjoy the product you choose! The effectiveness of CBD may vary from product to product, but your enjoyment never should!

At Regenefi, we want you to get the most out of every experience! Shop with us for quality CBD products.


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