(1) CBD Dog Biscuits – 30ct – 3.5mg/pc

(1) Small CBD Elk Antler – 20mg CBD

(1) Medium CBD Elk Antler – 30mg CBD

(1) Large CBD Elk Antler – 40mg CBD

(1) CBD Pet Tincture – 2oz – 150mg CBD

Product Description

CBD Dog Biscuits

Our all natural CBD dog treats are bacon cheddar flavored, easily digestible, and can be taken as needed or as a daily supplement to maintain your pup’s overall health. They are specially formulated to help canines with pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, age-related issues and maintaining overall health and wellness.

CBD Elk Antler

Elk Antlers are a natural source of these essential minerals:

*Lipids- Which are essential for the growth and development of your pet

*Collagen- Excellent for supporting your pet’s bones, ligaments, tendons and cartilage

*Calcium & Phosphorus- Supports bone and teeth health

*Glucosamine- Excellent for the support of your pet’s joints and tissues

*Iron- Important for the support of healthy blood cells

*Potassium- Excellent for nerve and muscle function

*Magnesium- Helps with the storing and releasing of energy

CBD Pet Tincture

Pets can reap all the same benefits from CBD oil that we can! This oil has been shown to improve joint function in pets with arthritis or injuries, help with gastrointestinal issues, general anxiety, improve appetite, shrink fatty tumors, and much more.

CBD Dog Biscuits: Whole wheat flour, bacon, cheddar, oats, canola oil, sunflower oil, apples, mixed tocopherols, 99.5%+ pure CBD isolate.

This product is free of corn, soy, and artificial colors & flavors.

CBD Elk Antler: Elk antler soaked in Full Spectrum Hemp Extract.

CBD Pet Tincture: Sunflower oil, hemp seed oil, 99.5%+ pure CBD isolate.


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