Preventing Alzheimer's with CBD and Other Natural Remedies

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Remember Your Health: Preventing Alzheimer’s with CBD and Other Natural Remedies

March 21, 2019

What are the most precious things that we take with us from every single experience?

Our memories.

The thought of losing those weighs heavy on many aging adults as the prevalence of Alzheimer’s Disease continues to rise in developed countries. 5.8 million Americans currently suffer the effects of this neurological thievery. Many more worry about their increased risk as they watch their loved ones forget them.

Stop worrying and take action! Start preventing Alzheimer’s with CBD and other natural remedies.

What Is Alzheimer’s Disease?

We often fear what we fail to understand. This lack of understanding also makes it more difficult for us to fight back.

Alzheimer’s Disease refers to the generalized deterioration of the brain that leads to progressive mental decline. This degeneration causes people to lose memories as well as cognitive abilities that get us through daily life.

Preventing Alzheimer’s with CBD and Other Solutions

Fortunately, research on this devastating disease continues to produce natural ways to extend the shelf-life of our brains. We can prevent and possibly even reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease with CBD oil and other natural treatments.

Let’s look a little deeper into the different solutions for battling this disease.


CBD oil comes from the flowers of Hemp. This natural cannabinoid offers a plethora of healing properties and can assist in preventing and reversing the neurological effects of this disease.

Preventing Alzheimer’s with CBD starts with the cannabinoids anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD activates CB2 receptors, located in the immune system, to trigger an anti-inflammatory response. It produces a similar response by also activating vanilloid receptors. Reducing inflammation in the brain helps significantly as Alzheimer’s patients present with chronic inflammation on brain scans. Though our body creates swelling as a protective barrier against pathogens, this defense mechanism also damages cells, progressing neurodegenerative diseases.

CBD research for fighting Alzheimer’s also shows promise due to the cannabinoid’s effect on the orphan receptor GPR55. This receptor plays a role in neurodegenerative disease and CBD inhibits it.

More astounding, CBD actually reverses effects of ischemia, or lack of oxygen to specific body tissues, and in this case, the brain. Its effects on the immune system make it an effective agent for cleaning up damaged cells and increasing the bodies ability to replace them. This means that the cannabinoid not only fights specifically against Alzheimer’s disease but against dementia of other causes as well.  

Not only does CBD provide you with a defense mechanism against the country’s 6th leading cause of death, but it does so naturally and safely. Not many medications that work such wonders come without great risk. Some might call CBD a natural miracle.

Maple Syrup

Sweet news! Maple syrup may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease!

From what medical experts understand about the disease, the buildup of two neuron peptides, beta-amyloid, and tau, may be a leading factor in its onset. Maple syrup contains matrix metalloproteinase 9 (MMP-9), an enzyme responsible for preventing these peptides from misfolding and clumping up.

This finding makes it a promising candidate for warding off the disease. However, don’t look to Mrs. Butterworth or other cheap store brands that contain mostly high-fructose corn syrup. Use real syrup from a maple farm for a taste you won’t forget!

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Another natural weapon to arm yourself with for the battle against Alzheimer’s is Omega 3. This fatty acid also aids in the breakdown of tau and beta-amyloid peptides.

Research also shows an increase in blood flow to the brain after consuming Omega 3s. This means increased oxygen and nutrients for the cells, which promotes healing and proliferation of healthy cells.

Though you can take fish oil supplements for this, many people find unwanted side effects such as bad breath, indigestion, and anal leakage. To prevent these side effects, obtain this healthy fatty acid through your diet.

Incorporate foods like:

  • Salmon
  • Chia seeds
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Walnuts

Taking daily CBD oil will also provide you with Omega 3, as hemp contains this fatty acid! This goes to show that preventing Alzheimer’s with CBD works in a number of ways.


Though researchers find difficulty in pinpointing the exact cause of Alzheimer’s Disease, they learned that you can needle your way to prevention. Acupuncture refers to the ancient practice of pricking the skin in precise patterns to treat both physical and mental ailments.

It works by disrupting damaging nerve signals, signaling the release of natural endorphins, and regulating the flow of natural energy within the body. New research shows that this treatment both boosts the mood and decreased the perception of pain in Alzheimer’s patients while improving their verbal skills, motor abilities, and cognitive function.

Schedule regular acupuncture appointments to stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit. Use your Regenefi CBD oil daily to reap the full natural benefits of the practice.


Yoga refers to an ascetic discipline that implements mindfulness, controlled breathing, meditation, and posing the body into specific structures. Research suggests that this practice improves symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease and possibly even prevents or prolongs the onset.

This may be due to the fact that yoga not only works out the body, but it also exercises the mind. The visualization, memorization, and engagement required during the practice creates new connections within the brain and may actually help develop new brain cells.

Preventing Alzheimer’s with CBD in conjunction with practicing yoga will help you in a number of ways. On top of strengthening your defense against this degenerative disease, your CBD oil will reduce any pain and inflammation introduced from working new muscles.

Keep Your Brain Healthy to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Remember your brain when thinking about living a healthier lifestyle. Alzheimer’s Disease destroys the most precious things you own and will devastate families in the process. Preventing Alzheimer’s with CBD and these other natural solutions can both prolong your life and improve the quality of each moment.

At Regenefi, we care about your memories and want to help you preserve them. Shop with us to protect your mind against Alzheimer’s Disease and to improve the quality of life for your suffering loved one.

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