Post: The Ultimate Guide to Processing Quality CBD Oil: How Are Regenefi Products Made?

The Ultimate Guide on How to Make CBD Oil: Our Process

Not all CBD oil is created equal.

Many CBD companies cut costs by skipping vital steps that provide you with a clean, properly filtered product after processing CBD. Skipping these steps creates an impure product that affects the color, taste, and therapeutic effects of the oil.

Let’s take a look at the process of producing pure CBD oil.

How to Make CBD Oil: Processing Cannabidiol

At Regenefi, we strive to provide you with the purest possible product. To do so, we take the process seriously and do not skip a single step.

We will proudly show you our secret to success. Keep reading to learn the proper way to process hemp oil with maximum CBD concentration.

Step 1: Choosing the Best Plant

The process begins prior to hitting the lab. Growing the proper hemp plant will make a major difference during the extraction process and for the outcome of the finished product.

Different strains of Cannabis sativa provide varying ratios of THC, CBN, CBD, and other cannabinoids. The soil and conditions that the plants grow in can greatly affect the quality of the extracts. We only grow 100% organic, non-GMO, and pesticide-free hemp plants that contain a high percentage of CBD.

Step 2: CBD Extraction

You can extract the CBD from the hemp plant through a number of methods. Many manufacturers choose the cheaper methods of extraction, which use harsh solvents like hexane or butane.

Their products may cost you less money, but you will pay in other ways, as the neurotoxic residues can lead to slowed healing and compromised immune function. Safer extraction methods use solvents like liquid CO2, olive oil, and ethanol.

Step 3: Eliminating the Solvent

Once the solvent does its job, it needs to go. Excellent CBD oil does not retain any residue from the solvent used during extraction.

To do this properly, we heat the solvent cannabinoid mixture over a temperature controlled hot water bath, which evaporates the solvent out. This process leaves you with crude oil that contains all of the cannabinoids from the flower.

At this point, you have raw CBD oil that appears dark green due to the chlorophyll, phytochemicals, and other plant material. It strongly smells and tastes like hemp.

Though you will receive the plant’s phytochemicals at this level of processing, you will not get activated cannabinoids yet. Meaning, it will not give you benefits beyond that of broccoli at this point.

Step 4: Winterizing the Crude Oil

Winterizing the current solution removes the lipids and waxes by freezing the crude oil in subzero freezers and pushing these compounds to the surface for easy retrieval.  This process also uses rotary evaporators help to reduce terpene loss during the solvent purging following winterization. It leaves you with a 50-60% CBD solution. Above you will see the fats and lipids with some chlorophyll in the filter post winterization and filtration. 

Winterization sometimes gets skipped by other manufacturers to save time and money. Doing so will not cause any harm, but the product will leave you with a greasy residue on your tongue because skipping the process leaves waxes and fats behind. This compromises the smell, taste, and color of the product.

We believe in only distributing the highest quality CBD oil, and never skip this step with any of our products.

Step 5: Decarbing

Any CBD product distributed without going through decarboxylation will not give you the full healing effect of CBD. Chemically speaking,  decarboxylation removes the carboxyl group and releases carbon dioxide by heating the crude oil. In layman’s terms, decarbing the oil activates the cannabinoids so that they will trigger important receptors in your body to do everything from reducing inflammation to preventing seizures.

Decarboxylated oil typically appears brown or dark in color. It will still carry a distinct flavor and not carry the same effectiveness as our further processed CBD.

Step 6: Distilling the Crude Oil

We distill our crude oil using short path distillation to give the oil an optimal flavor and to separate the terpenes and volatile compounds from the CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC, THC, and other biologically active cannabinoids.

The distillate contains mostly CBD but carries these other cannabinoids in other amounts. This means that you will get the full therapeutic effect from the hemp plant.

Short path distillation works better than other methods, as the quick evaporation and short distance of travel allow for maximum CBD distillate capture without using any additional solvents.

This process will leave you with about 75-80% CBD. It carries a light hemp flavor and appears lightly golden in color. You can find this grade of CBD in our Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture.

Step 7: Producing Pure CBD Isolate

Some people prefer pure CBD oil. For this, we completely separate the CBD distillates from the THC and all other cannabinoids to produce a colorless, odorless, and essentially tasteless CBD isolate. The full spectrum Distillate goes into a clean flask and a safe secondary solvent dissolves the distillate, isolating the CBD from all the other cannabinoids. The CBD molecules crystalize on the bottom of the flask over the course of a few days.

We harvest the crystals and use vacuum ovens to remove any remaining solvent from the CBD Isolate. This gives you unadulterated 99.6%+ Pure CBD isolate that goes into our pure CBD products.

Adding A Carrier Oil

Once the Regenifi CBD is completely processed, a carrier oil can be added in to make for easier administration and to increase the bioavailability of the isolate and the full Spectrum oil. This means that the body will absorb and use the cannabidiol to its full potential.

Oils that consist of medium chain triglycerides (MCT), like fractionated coconut oil, hemp seed oil, and olive oil, make the best carriers. These oils will not ruin the integrity of the oil by changing the taste, color, or significant properties.

The liver directly absorbs MCTs, so the body immediately metabolizes them into the bloodstream along with the CBD. Your body will also absorb more CBD this way.

Additionally, MCT oils offer their own unique health benefits.

MCT research reveals that these triglycerides yield a higher energy expenditure, thus helping with weight management. Furthermore, medium chain triglycerides encourage ketosis, which helps your body burn more fat for energy.

These good fats also encourage the growth of good gut flora. As if you need more convincing, MCTs improve your cholesterol and keep your glucose levels in check. They can also help to increase your energy levels and possibly even improve your cognitive function.

Some manufacturers opt to use the cheaper carrier oils that do not improve the bioavailability of CBD or offer the same health benefits as MCT oils, and that may, in fact, mar the product. In keeping with our high standards, we choose only the best MCT carrier oils for our CBD.

Choose Regenefi for the Best Quality CBD Products

You opted for CBD oil over alternative medications because you care about your health and well being. Do not settle for a lesser product when you can get the best.

At Regenefi, we focus on quality, not cost. When processing CBD, we put in the time, effort, and capital that it takes to reach the highest standard. If you want to use only the best hemp oil, shop with us!

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