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CBD Oil Definition: Everything You Need To Know About CBD

October 18, 2018

If you’re a visual learner and want a CBD oil definition, be sure to watch the video below! It will give you a quick, yet effective explanation of what CBD is and how it works within your body:

CBD oil definition: Cannabidiol, whose common abbreviation is CBD, is a compound with many interesting properties and unique medicinal benefits. The increasing knowledge and appreciation of the properties of CBD oil are changing the perception of cannabis among many people around the globe. CBD is a compound that is contained in cannabis and hemp with great medicinal benefits and evidenced potential to be even more useful in days to come. Below are some of the intrinsic facts about CBD oil that may be of great interest to you.


CBD Oil Is A Component Of Cannabis

One of the key ingredients in cannabis apart from the THC is the CBD. The concentrations of the CBD in cannabis is always high irrespective of how the cannabis is grown. Even the breeders of recreational cannabis have noted that the concentrations of the CBD are still high in their crops. In fact, it is not a surprise for most farmers of cannabis to grow a crop with more concentrations of CBD than THC. Many people are becoming more interested in the CBD in cannabis than the THC which have been proven to have adverse side effects on the users.


CBD Oil Is Not Psychotropic

Interestingly, CBD oil is not psychotropic and its use cannot alter your mind. This is in contrast to what many believe about the chemical. What makes cannabis users “high” is the THC, which is actually psychoactive, and not the CBD. CBD acts differently in the brain pathways from the way THC acts. CBD oil has little or no interference at all on the psychomotor functioning. Therefore, CBD oil is safe for those who do not wish to get “high.”


CBD oil counteracts the effects of THC

The other aspect of CBD oil is its amazing ability to work against the negative effects of the THC in the users. The symptoms such as sleepiness, feelings of disorientation and anxiety are greatly reduced with the use of the CBD oil. Users have shared experiences of how they feel more alert and normal when they use cannabis that has high CBD concentration. This is because of the property of the CBD to make THC less harmful.


CBD Oil Comes In Different Forms

CBD can be available in various forms which include ointments, liquids, capsules and even sprays. For the sprays and the oils, they are mostly put under the tongue. The ointments are applied on the skin through which they are assimilated into the bloodstream. As for the capsules, they are swallowed. Depending on your tastes and preference, you can choose the most suitable and comfortable form of CBD. Many users prefer capsules because they are more convenient, however, there is more absorption of the CBD in spray or oil put beneath the tongue than in ingesting capsules.


CBD Oil Does Not Show On Drug Tests

At Regenefi, we use third party lab testing to ensure that there is a 0.00% THC content in all of our products. As has been mentioned, CBD does not make the user “high” and its use is not captured in drug tests. Standard drug tests target THC because of its psychoactive effect which changes the mental and psychological functioning of users. If you have been strictly using pure CBD oil that is free of THC, then you do not have to worry about drug tests.


Medicinal Benefits Of CBD Oil

CBD oil has numerous medicinal benefits. It has been proven to help people with extreme nausea and vomiting following a chemotherapy or any other form of treatment. It also helps to suppress seizures and combating neurodegenerative disorders, mental health disorders and inflammation. For those suffering from depression and anxiety, it provides much-needed relief. CBD oil also relieves pain, improves the mood of the user, lessens withdrawal symptoms and can help stimulate the appetite for those who have lost it. It is advisable to consult your doctor before using the CBD oil. If you want to purchase quality CBD oil, go for a reputable supplier with verifiable reliability to offer a genuine CBD oil.

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