Using CBD for Golfer's Inflammation to Improve Your Game

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Get Back in the Swing of Things: CBD for Golfer’s Inflammation

March 4, 2019

Many people think of golf as a low impact sport. However, swinging the irons can take a serious toll on the body. Heads up; inflammation affects those who avidly play this sport, and interferes with their game. Fortunately, you can use CBD for golfer’s inflammation!

What Causes Golfers’ Inflammation?

Before learning how CBD works for golfer’s inflammation, let’s discuss the severity of the problem itself.  Our bodies use inflammation as a protective mechanism when the body gets injured. Sometimes injuries happen suddenly, and other times wear and tear slowly hurts vulnerable areas of the body over time.

Inflammation may sound benign. However, this natural defense mechanism can also create long term damage to the joints and surrounding tissues. Untreated inflammation is debilitating.

Though a wrong swing can bring on a sudden injury, most gold injuries happen little by little. Let’s look at some of the most common golf injuries that lead to debilitating inflammation.

Golfer’s Elbow/Tennis Elbow

While golfer’s elbow refers to an injury on the inner side of the upper arm near the elbow, tennis elbow describes an injury to the opposing side of the arm, near the elbow. Golfers often suffer both types of injuries, and in fact, more often get tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow typically occurs in the lead arm, as the swinging motion creates constant microtears around the lateral tendon. When people develop Golfer’s elbow, they typically feel it in the trailing arm, overstretching the elbow during the extension of the swing. With these two injuries, you will feel the majority of pain during impact and on the backswing, which can cause you to hesitate, messing up your entire swing.

Back Pain

The continuous hunching and twisting during your swing often lead to lower back pain. Inflammation in your lower back may cause a dull pain that makes daily life difficult. It can also press on the sciatic nerve, causing sharp, shooting pains that run down your backside and into your legs. Let go, the nerve can become damaged, causing weakness in the lower body.

Rotator Cuff Injuries

As the name suggests, you use your rotator cuff as you swivel your shoulders. Overuse can lead to painful inflammation. When an injury occurs, the muscles swell and pinch the space between the arm and shoulder bones,  making swinging a club nearly impossible.

Wrist Pain

For golfers, wrist pain can stem from Caral Tunnel Syndrome or from DeQuervain’s Tendinitis. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome creates pain and weakness that can actually incapacitate the wrist. DeQuervain’s Tendinitis refers to inflamed tendons near the thumb, causing more of aching pain during the backswing.

Knee Damage

Golfers tend to put a ton of stress and strain on the knee at the beginning of a swing when they stabilize the rotation of the hip axis. This can injure the knee in numerous ways.

If you notice pain in your knee, then you should take care of it immediately. You need your knees to work properly for walking, and a little inflammation can create a lot of damage to this joint.

It can eventually lead to painful arthritis. Furthermore, knee trauma often leads to other injuries in the back when let go.

CBD for Golfer’s Inflammation

Though you should always understand the problem, focusing your energy on the solution will always improve your situation. In the case of Golfer’s inflammation, CBD is a fantastic solution!

This cannabinoid works on receptors in the body that closely interact with the immune system. Your immune system works to protect and heal your body; it both causes and prevents inflammation, depending on the signals it receives.

When you use Regenefi CBD, it triggers an anti-inflammatory response. It also works on receptors that change the way you perceive pain, so you can swing more comfortably as you wait for the long term result of the reduction or elimination of inflammation. This response can work locally or systematically, depending on what product you use. Furthermore, CBD improves the circadian rhythm, making sleep come easier; sleep is essential for healing and preventing injuries.

Ways to Use CBD for Golfer’s Inflammation

You can reap the benefits of CBD in a number of ways! Choose which one works best for you.

CBD Gummies

Taking CBD gummies the way you would a multivitamin can provide you long term preventative care. The gummies taste good and make it easy for you to add CBD into your morning routine.

You probably do not want to take CBD in this way if you want to heal an existing injury, as they contain a lower amount of the cannabinoid and digestion tends to slightly lower the effects of CBD compared to other methods. However, this is a great way to feel better overall and ward off inflammation before it starts.


You can use CBD oil in a number of ways. This more concentrated dispension method can help you prevent injury and reduce current inflammation.

Choose the oil if you want a quick, systemic result. If you take it regularly, the oil will allow you to reap all the health benefits of CBD.

You can drop it under your tongue in the morning, at night, and prior to your golf game for optimal results. Short term, it will help relieve any pain you feel, to improve your game at the moment. Long term, it can help prevent your golf injury from causing arthritis in your joints.

CBD Topicals

When applied topically, only small amounts of the cannabinoid will reach your bloodstream for a systemic effect. However, it will soak into the pores of your skin, reaching local receptors, to concentrate the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect.

Despite which injury you suffer from, you can apply a CBD balm directly to that area throughout the day, especially before your gold game and at bedtime. This will help you both perform and sleep better. Moreover, massaging the CBD into the injured area will also improve blood flow to the area, which improves the tissues ability to heal.

Get Back in the Swing of Things

Whether you want to prevent swelling from affecting your game or heal an existing injury, choose CBD for golfer’s inflammation. Use it in the way that works best for you to find your way to a better day of golf.

The grass is really greener on this course! Shop Regenefi for all of your CBD needs!


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