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Sweeten Up: How to Make CBD Edibles at Home

Are you looking for creative ways to incorporate CBD into your diet? CBD edibles provide you with all the amazing health benefits of this cannabinoid while allowing your tastebuds a little hedonistic pleasure. You could simply purchase premade CBD treats. However, sometimes making it yourself feels more satisfying. Sometimes though, state laws revoke your option to buy CBD food products. The legality of CBD treats has become incredibly shaky for a number of reasons. Due to the candylike appearance, many states placed a ban on CBD candies and gummies. They feel that it entices children and therefore decided not to

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CBD Oil Uses: The USA’s Newest Food and Drink Ingredient

Have you heard? Well, of course you have! CBD has been constantly making headlines in recent months and the endearing cannabinoid has now squeezed its way into ingredients’ lists across the country. However, its growing popularity in making meals and drinks has nothing to do with getting you high. Unlike its famous cannabinoid cousin THC, CBD is non-psychoactive.   The cannabis sativa plant is imbued with upwards of 100 cannabinoids including cannabidiol (CBD) and inconclusive yet significant studies suggest that the compound can help alleviate anxiety, pain, inflammation and seizures.   Nevertheless, there is still a pretty large grey area

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