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10 Random Facts You Didn’t Know About Hemp and CBD

September 28, 2018

The “Hemp” plant has to be the most controversial plant in the history of mankind. A very useful plant, but one that has been restricted throughout much of the free world for decades, due to strict drug laws. Drug laws that are only now starting to be relaxed in some, but not all states in the USA, and the wider world. Legal one day, banned another, the history of hemp and CBD is a fascinating and quite often perplexing journey into the perils of legislation and demonization of what at the heart of it is; a completely natural, incredibly useful, and relatively harmless plant. Here are some things you may not know about this infamous plant.

1) Hemp Belongs to the Same Group of Plants as Marijuana.

It’s part of the Cannabis Sativa family. However, there is a great difference between hemp and the recreational use of Marijuana, and that is the THC level. When you smoke Marijuana, the element that gets you “high” is the THC level of the plant. The more THC in the plant or the more you consume, the “higher” you become. THC is an important component in hemp, but it still only accounts for approximately 1% of the plant, whereas it can be as high as 25% in Marijuana. You’re going to need a lot of time and a lot of joints if you want to try to get to “high” from hemp; it’s practically impossible. Same family of plants, but with very different uses.

2) CBD is the Primary Element of Cannabis.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the primary element of cannabis. Along with more than 90 other compounds which are exclusive to the cannabis plant. It falls under the blanket name of a cannabinoid. The most prominent cannabinoids found in cannabis are the CBD and THC elements, respectively. These are the elements of cannabis that we have the most information on and the elements that have been studied most by the scientific community. The results of these investigations have revealed a multitude of previously unknown functions and benefits of cannabidiol and the hemp plant in general. As it stands there are a whopping 30,000 differing products that can be made from the plant.

3) You Can Eat and Drink Hemp.

Hemp has a variety of uses and a popular one right now, especially amongst more health-conscious individuals, is consuming the plant as part of a salad or fruit dish. When in liquid form you can also use it for creating delicious smoothies, juice drinks or hemp milk. It can even be used for baking. It seems every day people are discovering new uses in the home for Hemp and CBD.

4) Hemp is Incredibly Nutritious.

Hemp is actually one the most healthy and nutritional plant sources out there. The seeds from the hemp plant have only around 6% carbs, 48% fat and a colossal 33% of protein, which is more than half your recommended daily intake.

Another important part of the hemp nutritional profile is its high concentration of amino acids. These acids work wonders for the skin and aid in the regeneration of your skin cells. The content in hemp is comparable to lots of other well-known foods that contain high amounts of amino acids, such as; fish, meat, and dairy products. It’s right up there.

Hemp also contains a great vitamin profile with healthy levels of Vitamin B, magnesium, zinc and iron. A superfood for sure.

5) You Can Make Paper Out of Hemp.

In fact, it’s believed that the very first paper was derived from hemp, thousands and thousands of years ago. Throughout history and before its demonization, hemp has had an important part to play in the printing industry. At one time in Russia, hemp was used as the raw material for all of the countries banknotes, stamps, and watermarked letters.

The production of paper from hemp is far less destructive to the planet than using “traditional” logging methods. So much so that countries such as India, have already legalized the growth and cultivation of hemp for these purposes. Things are moving slowly, but more and more countries are now looking at the benefit of this plant for industrial purposes and less at it’s unjust, poor reputation as some sort of narcotic.

Forests can take up to 50 years to repair themselves after logging, whereas a field of hemp plants can be completely restored within only 4 months. It only makes sense to move in this direction for paper production, but sense doesn’t always dictate action or progress, unfortunately.

6) CBD Can Help with Numerous Diseases and Injuries.

Let’s not be hyperbolic and declare CBD as a cure-all miracle just yet, but there doesn’t exist another plant that has so many proven health benefits as CBD.

CBD has been shown to work as an effective painkiller. It’s been shown to help with Parkinson’s, epileptic fits, mad cow disease, depression, anxiety disorder, heart disease, diabetes, broken bones, and acne. And much, much, more. If that’s not a miracle, fine, but you’d think it would at least be able to shed its notorious image, especially with such a comprehensive list of real and verifiable health benefits.

7) Hemp is Used in the Making of a Lot of Products.

Hemp is used in the making a lot of products, many of which you may have in your house without even knowing it. The use of hemp in the manufacturing industry is wide and varied but it’s used in things like; bedding, jewelry, shoes, smoking paper, rope, and even in protein drinks for bodybuilding and healthy weight gain. It has a lot of different applications.

As the world opens up to the industrial and manufacturing uses of hemp you can most certainly expect more and more hemp products to be making their way into your home.

8) You Can Use Hemp as a Bio-Fuel.

Yeah, you read that right, hemp can be used to produce a biofuel that can actually be used to power a diesel engine. In fact, the inventor of the Diesel engine, Rudolf Diesel, always intended to use hemp oil as part of the vegetable plant extracts that he would use to power his formidable engines. Why this isn’t used more often in a world that is struggling with its carbon footprint comes back to the notorious reputation of the plant. Even so, with a plant source such as hemp, which for the most part produces non-toxic and renewable energy, it’s exclusion from the energy market is baffling.

9) One of Ford’s First Cars Was Made From and Ran on Hemp.

“Grown out of the soil” as it was marketed at the time was Henry Ford’s Model-T car. The bodywork was made entirely out of hemp plastic, which if you can believe it, was 10 times stronger than steel. It was also set to run entirely on hemp oil, but the car was scrapped due to difficulties in obtaining the raw materials and financing, largely due to WW2. The project was never revisited.

A car that is stronger, cleaner and cheaper to produce? A great idea, that would work wonders today, but one that is, unfortunately, lost to the annals of time.

10) CBD Oil Works Great as a Beauty Product.

CBD hemp oil is making big waves in the beauty industry. An open secret of sorts in Hollywood, the oil is being used for skin, hair and nail care on-set and behind the scenes.

It’s incredibly powerful and you may have noticed it’s inclusion in many of the beloved beauty essentials you have lined up in your bathroom. With scores of new CDB infused beauty products hitting the market each year, this trend only looks set to continue.

What makes CBD so good as a beauty product are its high doses of two very important elements. The first is chlorophyll, a chemical that is the catalyst for the photosynthesis process in plants and trees. Chlorophyll has great healing, cleansing, and anti-aging properties for your skin. An all-around skin miracle!

Next up are terpenes. Terpenes are a group of natural oils that are responsible for the aroma of fruit, plants, and flowers. These terpenes give your beauty product a deep, rich, and aromatic nose profile. An important part of any beauty product, I’m sure you’d agree.

The combination of these two elements in CBD oil makes its application as a beauty product a no-brainer. It’s an effective, useful and natural alternative to the numerous harsh and synthetic products out there. If you’ve not already added CBD to your beauty regime, perhaps it’s time to do so, you won’t regret it.

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